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The numbers "4," "2," and "0" do not mean much, but when you put them together, 420 has great meaning for a large subculture of people, primarily in the United States. The term "420" is of course used by fans of marijuana, and Stylin' Online has stoner T-shirts and items with a marijuana leaf as the logo in stock. You don't need to be a member of the 420 subculture to wear marijuana T-shirts; they make great accessories as part of Halloween costumes. You can were these items in homage to Snoop Lion, Willie Nelson, Cypress Hill and any number of artists of have expressed their desire to use marijuana.
The common belief is that the term 420 was first used to describe marijuana was in 1971 in San Rafael, California by a group of teenagers. These teens wanted to locate a cannabis crop that had allegedly been abandoned, and they apparently chose to meet at 4:20 p.m. near a statue of Louis Pasteur that was located on the high school campus to begin their search. This group of teens supposedly started by using the term "4:20 Louis" but this was shortened to "420" and became a code for using pot in general. The cannabis crop was never found and this story of the term's origin is not believed by everyone. Regardless, the term has stuck and there have been cannabis holidays around the world held each year on April 20 - which is the fourth month and 20th day - to celebrate marijuana use and the legalization of marijuana.

If you were to attend one of these events, what better way is there to show your support for the cause than by wearing a 4:20 T-shirt from Stylin' Online?