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Alice in Chains T Shirts

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Alice in Chains Face Lift T-Shirt Reg Price: $19.88Sale Price: $9.94
Alice in Chains Dirt T-Shirt Reg Price: $19.88Sale Price: $9.94
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Our Alice in Chains T-shirts commemorate the lives and music of a band ripe with talent and stricken by tragedy.  Jerry Cantrell and Layne Staley, leading songwriters and vocalists for Alice in Chains, changed the landscape of rock and roll in the midst of Seattle's grunge rock movement. Whether you were a fan of grunge or heavy metal, Alice in Chains incorporated a new, inclusionary sound into their songs, and our Alice in Chains tees celebrate the artistic passion and remembers the heartbreak that plagued the band. As Jerry Cantrell resiliently moves forward with different incarnations of Alice in Chains, fans will always remember Layne Staley and Mark Starr's contributions to the original band. Our AIC shirts promote resilience and remembrance.
Alice in Chains melding heavy metal guitar riffs with grunge-like aesthetics to form a sound that all but helped demolish the excess and glam of the eighties, reshaping the rock and roll landscape. Our Facelift T-Shirt celebrate the beginning of Alice in Chains. Their debut album Facelift found success with the riff-driven single "Man in the Box." Jerry Cantrell later admitted the song's anthemic riff originated from a guitar mistake. They're second studio release Dirt was a critical and commercial success, selling three million copies to date. Our Dirt T-shirt celebrates songs such as Jerry Cantrell's "Rooster" and Layne Staley's "Angry Chair".  Our album T Shirts are licensed and help remember the influential titles that shook the amps of rock and roll. 

These Alice in Chains T-shirts are a reminder of the heavy metal and grunge influence the band had on the musical world in the early 90s which still reverberates today. AIC T-shirts are worn by old and new fans alike, and everyone looks forward to Jerry Cantrell's latest musical creation, while remembering Layne Staley's and Mike Starr's contribution. Buy your piece of rock and roll history today.