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Animal House

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National Lampoon's vision of fraternity life came alive in the classic 1978 movie Animal House. T-shirts honoring the movie are available at Stylin' Online.

While wearing these Animal House tees, you can channel Bluto, Otter, Boon, Flounder and the rest of the Delta Tau Chi members as they navigate the scary world of college life. It would be wise not to yell "food fight" at your workplace cafeteria and Bluto's 0.0 grade point average probably will not get you too far in life. Of course in the movie, Bluto eventually became a United States Senator, so who knows. It would be fun to wear the T-shirt while planning a toga party and hiring Otis Day and the Nights to play at the party. On second thought, maybe it would be best to just wear the T-shirt. These T-shirts are officially licensed Animal House shirts and they feature screen-printed original Animal House images. The T-shirts are made of a combined cotton and poly blend giving them a super soft, somewhat pre-washed feel.

Animal House earned mixed reviews from critics when it was released as some of National Lampoon's humor can be a shock to the system. Some notable reviewers, Roger Ebert for example, loved the movie and the film eventually became the second most popular film in the United States in 1978. The cast included actors at the beginning of their careers including Tim Matheson, Thomas Hulce, Karen Allen and Kevin Bacon. Of course John Belushi was memorable as Bluto, and established actors such as Donald Sutherland and John Vernon appeared in the film. Stylin' Online is your home for quality Animal House T-shirts, and wearing these shirts will show film buffs that appreciate quality films as well as quality shirts.