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Animaniacs Shirts & Hoodies

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7 Items | Sort By
There is some cartoon clothing that's fun to have, perhaps bought on a credit card, a prayer and a bit of nostalgia, and then there are the absolute necessity buys. Barring, possibly, grain and drinkable water, Animaniacs apparel is the most important purchase you'll have to make. If you can't support a cartoon that began with a theme song that fit the line "There's bologna in our slacks," in it, then you don't deserve Animaniacs clothing, and we wish you farewell in your wayward journey filled with regrettable TV memories. But if you dug the cartoon and all of its characters, then our Animaniacs apparel is ready and waiting in the Warner Brothers water tower.
From the domineering Dot, to the Ringo-esque Wakko, to the "level-headed" Yakko, the Animaniacs ran rampant across Warner Brothers set for years.  We have Animaniacs merchandise to pay homage to the nonsensical and hilarious bastard children birthed and forgotten by Warner Brothers animators. Living in the studio's water tower, they passed the time by whatever means necessary. And don't forget about the Good Feathers, either. It is not wise.

Arguably, the most beloved, memorable and playfully tyrannical characters of the Animaniacs cartoon, however, were Pinky and the Brain. A pair of lab mice confined to their cage, each episode began the same way, and our Anamaniacs clothing says it all. "Gee, Brain. What are we going to do tonight?" For any Animaniacs fan, the answer is simple. "Try to take over the world." For all we know, Brain did take over the world, and we're all slaves to his master plan. I mean, we are selling Animaniacs merchandise to fund a new, shadowy organization of laser gun-wielding, ultra-intelligent lab mice. We never really thought about it.