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Arrested Development

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14 Items | Sort By
Arrested Development made its triumphant return in 2013 after seven years of the air and what better way is there to celebrate than wearing a show T-shirt from Stylin' Online. You can promote the Bluth's Original Frozen Banana from the series with a frozen banana T-shirt, or you can revisit the classic scene from the series with a shirt that shows how to imitate a chicken.
Arrested Development first aired on the Fox network from 2003 - 2006. The show is unconventional as it follows the ongoing activities of the Bluth family. The style is somewhat mockumentary and the show as always been critically acclaimed. The show has a very loyal fan base and has won six Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe honor. Despite the critical success of the show, it turns out the loyal fan base was too small for Fox executives. After three years of low ratings, Fox canceled the show. Fans clamored for their show and rumors had circulated for years about a fourth season of the show and a feature film. After five years off the air, Netflix agreed to license new episodes of the show, and these shows aired in 2013. In addition to the Netflix episodes, a film may possibly still be in the works. Netflix may also another season of the series.

Obviously Arrested Development is not going anywhere as long as the show's fans rally around their show. Even if no more new shows are produced, the series will live on in DVD form and will be available on Netflix. As more Arrested Development merchandise becomes available, check back often at Stylin' Online to purchase these items.