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Iron Man Toy Liftoff Baby Tee

Iron Man Toy Liftoff Baby Tee
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Iron Man Toy Liftoff Baby Tee

Iron Man is so well known and so adored that he has been depicted in thousands of ways. In addition to comic books and movies, the red and gold hero has been immortalized by an extensive heap of toys, cartoons and books that celebrate his unrivaled valor. As one of the most adored superheroes in the Marvel Comics universe, Iron Man is everything you want in a superhero and more, and his fans each have their own individual preferences for their favorite depiction. This girls' Iron Man T-shirt takes the toy version of the Iron Knight and shows him lifting off in flight. The comic-style design features yellow lettering and a two-dimensional rendering of the superhero preparing to go toe-to-toe with the enemy. Everything about this Iron Man lift-off T-shirt pays tribute to the Iron Man franchise, and true fans will get a real kick out of the comic-inspired design. Everything from the red-dotted background to the comic book font speaks to the hero's days as a comic book superstar, making this T-shirt perfect for any Marvel fan.

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Shirt Typejunior fit
Item ColorRed
Main Property Iron Man
Features100% Cotton
V Neck
Jack of All Trades Women's Shirt
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