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Portal 2 Icons Panty Set Price: $22.99
Flash POP Heroes Boxers Price: $16.50
Batman POP Heroes Boxers Price: $16.50
Superman BAM Briefs Price: $13.99
Batman Pattern Boxers Price: $16.50
Flash Logo Boxer Briefs Price: $16.50
Domo Kun Collage Briefs Price: $13.99
Batman POW Briefs Price: $13.99
Car Plymouth Cuda Boxers Reg Price: $16.50Sale Price: $7.99
Pac Man Usual Suspects Boxers Reg Price: $16.50Sale Price: $9.99
Rainbow Brite Panty Reg Price: $16.99Sale Price: $2.99
132 Items | Sort By
What better way to covertly express your inner goofball than to wear Nintendo boxers, Family Guy panties or superhero briefs? We aren't going to tell you what's covering our behinds, but we will tell you that we have one of the biggest selections of superhero and pop culture boxers, briefs and panties so you can pick and choose your own favorites.

Whether you're a Nightmare Before Christmas devotee or an old-school Rainbow Brite fan, we have the undies for you. Choose between Batman POW Briefs in black, gray and yellow and Flash Logo Boxer Briefs with a lightning bolt front-and-center. Pick Justice League Comic Hero boxer briefs if you're torn between your favorite do-gooders, or Superman Logo Collage boxers if there's a chance you'll get caught in a phone booth with your pants down. Getting frisky with a blood-sucker? You'll need Buffy the Vampire Slayer panties to make sure you stay on the right side of humanity.

Mechanical-minded guys love our Plymouth 'Cuda boxers and Trans Am boxers, which are made of soft, breathable cotton. Old-school Atari fans rock Pac-Man Back in the Day or Usual Suspects boxers under their jeans, while those with a wild Internet-humor streak chuckle over our Domo Kun Face Boxer Briefs and Domo Kun Collage briefs.

All of the boxers and underwear in our collection are designed for comfort, which really seems like an added bonus since they look so good. These pop culture undies are available in a wide range of sizes, too, so no matter how much coverage you need, we can provide it. Why not have a little fun when you get dressed (or undressed)? These pop culture and super hero underwear items also make great gifts, so whether you're buying for yourself or a friend, they'll stay on top of the intimates drawer.