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Cheech And Chong T-Shirts & Merchandise

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6 Items | Sort By

This selection of Cheech and Chong T-shirts and other merchandise will have you thinking green, so to speak. The world-famous cannabis-loving duo was catapulted to stardom in (when else?) the 1970s, providing slightly stoned audience members with hours of unrivaled humor in the form of sketches, music and movies. We’re not promoting the use of marijuana use, but we have to agree with the gut-busting humor it provided these two, especially in Up In Smoke. What a great movie, man.

Our Cheech and Chong T-shirts celebrate every aspect of the brilliant pair, including some of the duo’s best-known lines. We’ve even got a “Dave’s Not Here” T-shirt that honors that irreverently sidesplitting moment when Dave knocks on the door and Chong yells “Dave’s not here!” Hilarity ensues when Dave declares, “I’m Dave, man.” Yes, that’s just one of the many moments of pot-induced humor gifted to the world by Cheech and Chong, and our T-shirts cover tons of them. We’ve also got Up In Smoke T-shirts that show the famous rolling paper adorned movie cover in all its 1970s glory. For the politically minded Cheech and Chong fan, we offer a “Get It Legal” T-shirt with silhouettes of the famous comedic pair and a “Think Green” patch adorned with dual marijuana leaves. We even offer a colorful Chong patch that celebrates the comedic mastermind in 1970s-inspired embroidery.

All of our Cheech and Chong T-shirts come in sizes ranging from small to XXL and are printed on soft, cotton T-shirt blanks, so you can rock them as the pair burns through joint after joint (comedy joints, obviously, not marijuana joints) and inspires another four decades worth of counter-cultural humor.