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Clerks T Shirts

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Clerks Moobys T-Shirt Price: $19.88
Clerks Mooby T-Shirt Price: $19.88
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Clerks redefined the indie movie genre with its hilarious and inane conversations as well as its no-fuss black and white look. The movie made Kevin Smith famous and kicked off a slew of great movies with great characters. Our Clerks T-shirts feature all of your favorite parts of this cult classic, including the main characters Dante and Randal. If you and your friends are anything like these guys, then there's no doubt that you'll love all of our Clerks tees and clothing merchandise. In addition, we have a mind-blowing selection of collectibles and Clerks 2 merchandise that you'll love.
We aren't like other retailers because we actually love the movies that we sell tees and collectibles for. You'll find that, unlike other websites, we have unique Clerks T-shirts that depict some of the inside jokes and subtle references from the film that only the true fans can appreciate. Some examples include the Mooby hat Silent Bob wears and the Rurouni Kenshin T-shirt. You can find all the best Clerks tees and Clerks 2 merchandise right on our site in one, easy-to-access collection. Plus, we carry a great range of sizes so that everyone can enjoy the Rurouni Kenshin T-shirt or Mooby hat Silent Bob loves for themselves.

Get these Clerks T-shirts for yourself or buy some for your friends who love the movie just as much as you do. These tees make excellent gift items for birthdays or for special occassions. Plus, they can help you gear up for the rumored Clerks III movie that will hopefully come to fruition. Don't be lazy like the characters from the movie. Act now to get this great Clerks 2 merch for yourself.