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Cycling Jersey

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Price: $79.99
Price: $79.99
Price: $79.99
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Primal Wear Clothing is technically designed to maximize comfort and performance. From the exact placement of seams and fabric panels to the perfect combination of materials for the job at hand, Primal Wear Clothing is precision crafted. We hand pick the materials that go into each product, so you can be sure that your Primal Wear Clothing will be the most comfortable performance wear available anywhere.

Extreme athletes know what to look for in a performance fabric and expect nothing less than the best, which is why they value the physiological benefits Coolmax® provides. Coolmax® has proven to reduce skin temperature, lower heart rates during exercise and maintain hydration, while offering excellent moisture management properties perfect for cycling.

Wicks sweat away from your body

Keeps you cool,dry and comfortable

Lightweight,soft and breathable

DuPont performance tested and certified

Dries fraster than other fabrics.

Moisture wicking comparison

Nylon - Cotton - Cotton/Poly Blend - Treated Polyester

LYCRA® is a family of premium stretch fibres that provide fabrics and garments with incomparable fit, comfort and freedom of movement . With a remarkable ability to stretch up to 600% and spring back to its original length, it was a natural choice for Primal Wear Clothing.

Primal Wear Clothes with LYCRA® move easily with the body's natural movements, but recover their original shape when allowed to relax.

Cycling Jersey
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