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DC Comics Costume Hoodies & Super Hero Sweatshirts

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Aquaman Costume Hoodie Reg Price: $59.99Sale Price: $14.99
Aquaman Hoodies Price: $44.99
Aquaman #1 Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Batgirl Hoodie Price: $47.99
Nightwing Logo Hoodie Price: $44.99
Batman Letterman Hoodie Price: $49.99
Batman Small Logo Hoodie Price: $47.99
Batman Hoodie Price: $44.99
Batman Logo Hoodie Price: $44.99
Batwoman #1 Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Flash TV Suit Up Hoodie Price: $64.99
Flash TV Symbol Hoodie Price: $44.99
Flash Logo Hoodie Price: $44.99
Flash Hoodie Price: $47.99
Flash Comic Hoodie Price: $47.99
Flash #1 Pullover Hoodie Price: $44.88
Flash #1 Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Flash Blur Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Flash Side Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Joker Costume Hoodie Price: $47.99
Joker Ledger Hoodie Price: $44.99
Joker Serious Hoodie Reg Price: $44.99Sale Price: $10.99
Joker GCPD Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Joker Run Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Nightwing Logo Hoodie Price: $44.99
Shazam Tall Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Supergirl Costume Suit Junior Hoodie Reg Price: $49.99Sale Price: $12.49
Superman Costume Suit Hoodie Reg Price: $59.99Sale Price: $39.99
Superman Hoodie Price: $47.99
Superman Junior Hoodie Price: $39.99
Superman Hoodies Price: $47.99
Superman Logo Hoodie Price: $47.99
Superman Symbol Hoodie Price: $44.99
Wonder Woman Logo Hoodie Price: $44.99
246 Items | Sort By
DC Comics is to thank for some of the most well-known superheroes ever to exist. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Aquaman are just some of the heroes brought to life by DC Comics. Comic book fans, sometimes affectionately referred to as "nerds," almost always have a stash of merchandise in mint condition to honor their favorite superhero. Now, it's possible to show your pride in all things DC-related with this selection of DC Comics hoodies. Meant to protect you from kryptonite with their heavyweight hoods and dangerous drawstrings, these DC super hero hoodies will do what your favorite heroes have done for you for years - protect you from the bad guys. Well, perhaps that's a stretch, but these hooded sweatshirts will actually keep you from getting cold on a breezy day and provide you with some cozy pockets to stash your stuff. On top of that, they're meant to look extremely fashionable. Just take a look at the Superman letterman hoodie or the wide variety of costume hoodies. Perfect for both guys and girls, costume hoodies make you look like you're suited up for action to battle the bad guys. Joker hoodies complete with a graphic of a three-piece suit in true Joker fashion complete the outfit. All you'll need to round out the look is a bottle of green hair dye. Stylin Online's selection of DC Comics sweatshirts celebrates all your favorite comic book characters, including Aquaman, Flash, Green Arrow and Shazam. Tell your superhero chick you love her by getting her a Wonder Woman junior hoodie or one that's designed to look just like the heroic lady's suit. With this collection of DC comics hooded sweatshirts, you can find something to satisfy ever comic fan in your life and maybe even throw in a little something for yourself, too.