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DC Comics Super Hero Belt Buckles

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Batman Edged Belt Buckle Price: $20.00
Flash Logo Belt Buckle Price: $20.00
Flash Belt Buckle Price: $20.00
Joker Bang Belt Buckle Price: $20.00
Joker Belt Buckle Price: $20.00
Supergirl Belt Buckle Price: $20.00
Superman 3D Flat Buckle Price: $20.00
Superman Belt Buckles Price: $20.00
Wonder Woman Belt Buckle Price: $20.00
56 Items | Sort By
You're a hero in disguise, right? There's no better way to throw everyone off your trail than by sporting another hero's logo on your belt buckle. At Stylin' Online, it's worked for us. That's why we've put together a huge selection of DC Comics belt buckles; we believe in helping our allies however we can.

You'll find dozens of sturdy, reliable and great-looking DC Comics belt buckles in our inventory. From shiny silver to subdued black, with everything in between, we have super hero belt buckles that go with just about anything. The Dark Knight fans among us gravitate toward our Batman belt buckles in silver, black and yellow. The funny guys with dark sides love our Joker belt buckles, while sassy Batgirls love our Batman Champagne Rhinestone clasps.

Superman belt buckles are some of our hottest sellers. Whether you need a logo-shaped buckle or an oversized rectangular one, Stylin' Online has you covered. Choose between silver, gold and painted Superman belt buckles to match your sense of style; we even carry pink and blue Supergirl belt buckles that are smaller and more delicate than our Superman versions. Most of our superhero belt buckles are standard-sized, measuring in the neighborhood of 2 inches by 3 inches, although some are a good deal larger.

We wouldn't be doing our favorite heroes any justice if we didn't include Wonder Woman, Flash, and the Green Lantern belt buckles in our extensive collection. We even have belt buckles that feature the entire Justice League.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or your partner-in-crime, Stylin' Online has all the super hero belt buckles you need to accessorize and spice up any wardrobe. From Batman and Superman to the Batgirl and Wonder Woman, we have just the thing to add a little POW! to your wardrobe.