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13 Items | Sort By
Prepare to have your face melted off by the death metal sounds of Dethklok. This fictional band is quite real when it comes to its ability to crush the eardrums of its listeners with overpowering guitar riffs and glass-shattering screams. All other music genres must bow down before Deathklok before they're consumed whole and spat out into a tin trashcan.

Now you, the loyal fan, can represent your appreciation of this gnarly band with our collection of Metalocalypse merchandise and Dethklok apparel. What's funnier than Metalocalypse? Could it be you being repeatedly kicked in the ankles? You better hope not. The answer is: nothing is funnier than that show.

When you wear your Metalocalypse-inspired shirt, hoodie or some other piece of clothing, you're letting everyone know about the funniest show, ever. If there was a funnier show around, you'd be wearing their clothes, wouldn't you? And by that logic, you're awesome.