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Doors Poet T Shirt Sheer Price: $19.88
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Doors Portrait Baby Tee Reg Price: $19.88Sale Price: $9.94
Doors Baby Tee Reg Price: $19.88Sale Price: $9.94
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The Doors T-shirts are emblematic of a time of free thought, free love and pushing the boundaries of music and consciousness. When Jim Morrison grabbed a microphone, adorned his black leather paints and began to speak poetics to The Doors' music, the notion of a rock and roll front man became a lot less PG. The Lizard King crafted the new identity of an engaging front man, and Jim Morrison left a brief but memorable mark on rock and roll. The Doors tees celebrate a visionary musician, talented poet and someone that pushed what was socially acceptable at the time. These classic rock T-shirts pay homage to an artist that insisted on creative freedom. Without Jim Morrison, there wouldn't be an enduring need for thoughtful lyricism.
Just as everyone thought Janet Jackson's Superboob was a bid deal, Jim Morrison's singing the word `higher' on "Light My Fire" on Ed Sullivan was something that lives in rock and roll infamy. These Doors T-shirts celebrate more than "Road House" and "This is the End," the Doors tees celebrate forming new identities of what is and what is not acceptable.

When it comes to musical creativity, Jim Morrison pushed it further, at his time, than any other artists since. Pushing what is acceptable now is normally for shock-value and headlines, but the Lizard King's boundaries were formed in artistic integrity. Besides maybe in Miami, but that was either Jack Daniel's fault or was just his index finger. Whether or not that was The Lizard King's king is something of rock and roll lore. Either way, celebrate a true artist with these classic rock T-shirts and help keep the fire lit of a rock and roll visionary.