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E.T. T-Shirts

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ET Outline T-Shirt Price: $19.88
ET Gertie Baby Tee Reg Price: $19.88Sale Price: $7.99
ET Moon Throw Blanket Price: $52.88
ET Title Throw Blanket Price: $52.88
ET Moon Fleece Blanket Price: $32.88
ET Title Fleece Blanket Price: $32.88
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ET Moon Bandana Price: $14.88
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After watching Steven Spielberg’s “E.T. The Extra Terrestrial,” kids across the globe begged their parents for a bike that could fly. Our selection of E.T. movie T-shirts and apparel won’t guarantee you the gift of flight, but it’s not a bad thing to wish for, even as an adult. That moment where Elliot and his friends dodge the cops by taking flight on their 10-speed bikes is basically the movie moment to end all movie moments. If you get weepy-eyed just thinking about the silhouette of the boy and his alien friend on a bike over the moon, well, this selection of E.T. T-shirts is designed just for you. Poor E.T., he just wanted to phone home.

Our E.T. shirts honor that moment, plus tons of other life-changing scenes, phrases and icons from the movie, 5-year-old Drew Barrymore and all. We’ve got a youthful Barrymore T-shirt that shows the blond-haired little sister beneath the phrasing “80s Kid” and “Gertie” to prove that no matter how old us 70s and 80s kids get, we’ll always have bragging rights to the best movies ever. We owe Spielberg a whole lot for that designation, by the way. (See: Goonies, Jurassic Park, Jaws, etc.) We’ve also got an E.T. shirt that perfectly captures the extraterrestrial’s lovable disposition, with an outlined rendering of the super cute alien. All of our E.T. apparel is printed on 100 percent, pre-shrunk cotton T-shirt blanks that are meant to be durable and soft for all your bike-flying adventures. Just beware of the tear-jerking Elliot and all his quote-worthy sweetness as you’re wearing these E.T. shirts. Warning: thinking about the time he told E.T., “We could grow up together, E.T.,” is a surefire way to get the fountain of tears going.