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Family Guy Stewie Head Hoodie
Family Guy Stewie Stencil Hoodie
Family Guy Poppin Hoodie
Family Guy Evil Monkey Hoodies
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Sale Price: $22.50
Reg. Price: $44.99
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Reg. Price: $44.99
Sale Price: $22.50
Family Guy Portrait Hoodie
Reg. Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $29.99
You know what really grinds our gears? Not having enough Family Guy hoodies and snazzy sweatshirts to go around. Make like Peter Griffin and scoop them all up while you can. Our Family Guy sweatshirt collection is abundant, but we can't promise that it'll stick around forever. Our stock changes faster than you can blink, so if you happen upon the perfect Family Guy hoodie - for you, for your brother, or even for your creepy neighbor down the block - we advise jumping on it. No, don't literally jump on your computer. We do advise buying your favorite hoodie right away, though.

Take our Family Guy Evil Monkey Hoodie, a 2-pocket hoodie with the show's own Evil Monkey baring his fangs for all to see in an angry pose. There's no better way to convey the sentiment, "I'm having a bad day" than by pulling over a super comfortable hoodie adorned with the Evil Monkey's evilest snarl. For Stewie fans, our crossbones-inspired Stewie Stencil Hoodie features our favorite little devil emblazoned on the chest in a distressed print on a comfy sweatshirt made of 50 percent cotton, 50 percent polyester.

Some of our other popular Family Guy sweatshirts include a super-sweet Peter-themed blue hoodie, featuring our beloved Mr. Griffin decked out in 1970s-era glory, 'fro and all. Hovering above the image of Peter is one of his catchiest slogans: "That is sweeet".  Make like a rapper - or your favorite cartoon villain, Stewie Griffin - and don our Poppin Bottles hoodie. Yes, it's just as inappropriate as it sounds. Baby Stewie is featured across this zip-front hoodie smoking a cig, surrounded by bottles - baby bottles, not champagne, of course. The reflection of Brian the dog throwing cash in the air can be observed in the reflection of Stewie's blinged-out sunglasses. You know you love it!
Family Guy Hoodie
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