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Flash Gordon T-Shirts & Merchandise

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7 Items | Sort By

Comic fans of all walks of life have been celebrating Flash Gordon since the 1930s, which makes him one of the most classic, well-loved comics of all time. Our Flash Gordon merchandise features a treasure trove of T-shirts and even a Flash Gordon tank top to help you channel the energy of the crime-fighting polo player wherever you go. Our Flash Gordon T-shirts have even been known to help people who wear them mimic the unrivaled courage of the Yale graduate and attract gorgeous, blue-haired women like Dale Arden. OK, that’s not entirely backed up by science, but still, there’s something about wearing a Flash Gordon shirt that makes you feel freakishly fantastic. Maybe it has something to do with the 100 percent cotton, but maybe not.

Our selection of Flash Gordon T-shirts includes subtle, screen-printed logos and character depictions alike. We’ve got shirts that show Flash himself riding his rocket in style to the planet Mongo, plus T-shirts with images of the man fighting Ming the Merciless, one of his most persistent adversaries. True fans know how it turns out, but it’s still a fun tribute to the classic comic hero. We’ve also got T-shirts that honor the 1980 film, Flash Gordon, with a retro-looking movie logo that only true film and comic buffs will appreciate.

Many of these T-shirts take images straight from the original comic book, giving them a vintage appeal that pays tribute to the early days of the Defenders of the Earth. Available in sizes ranging from small to XXL, these fantastic Flash Gordon T-shirts are printed on soft and sturdy, 6-ounce, pre-shrunk cotton, so you can rock them through another decade of fandom.