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Superhero Hoodies

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Deadpool Eyes Zip Hoodie Price: $39.99
Flash #1 Pullover Hoodie Price: $44.88
Aquaman #1 Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Batwoman #1 Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Flash #1 Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Flash Blur Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Flash Side Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Joker GCPD Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Joker Run Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Shazam Tall Youth Hoodie Price: $42.88
Daredevil Costume Hoodie Price: $59.99
Flash TV Symbol Hoodie Price: $44.99
Deadpool Logo Zip Hoodie Price: $47.99
SHIELD Logo Zip Hoodie Price: $47.99
Carnage Costume Hoodie Price: $64.99
Venom Logo Hoodie Price: $44.99
Iron Man Hood Zip Hoodie Price: $64.99
Thor Loki Costume Hoodie Price: $69.99
Venom Hood Zip Costume Hoodie Reg Price: $69.99Sale Price: $49.99
Flash Logo Hoodie Price: $44.99
Nightwing Logo Hoodie Price: $44.99
Deadpool Costume Hoodie Price: $64.99
Spiderman Youth Hoodie Price: $54.99
Avengers SHIELD Hoodie Price: $47.99
Superman Costume Suit Hoodie Reg Price: $59.99Sale Price: $39.99
Batman Letterman Hoodie Price: $49.99
Supergirl Costume Suit Junior Hoodie Reg Price: $49.99Sale Price: $12.49
Avengers Logo Hoodie Price: $44.99
Iron Man Suit Up Hoodie Price: $59.99
Batgirl Logo Hoodie Price: $47.99
Flash Logo Zip Hoodie Price: $47.99
Punisher Gritty Hoodie Price: $47.99
Hellboy BPRD Hoodie Price: $44.99
Spiderman Hoodie Price: $59.99
Superman Junior Hoodie Price: $39.99
Aquaman Costume Hoodie Reg Price: $59.99Sale Price: $14.99
Spiderman Costume Hoodie Price: $59.99
Venom Costume Hoodie Price: $59.99
Batman Small Logo Hoodie Price: $47.99
Flash Comic Hoodie Price: $47.99
Joker Costume Hoodie Price: $47.99
Marvel Civil War Hoodie Price: $47.99
Marvel Heads Hoodie Reg Price: $47.99Sale Price: $28.99
Marvel Heroes Hoodie Reg Price: $47.99Sale Price: $28.99
Marvel Highlight Junior Hoodie Reg Price: $47.99Sale Price: $19.99
Punisher Skull Hoodie Price: $47.99
Punisher Stencil Hoodie Price: $47.99
Superman Hoodies Price: $47.99
Superman Logo Hoodie Price: $47.99
Thor Hammer Hoodie Price: $47.99
Wolverine Blood Hoodie Price: $47.99
Aquaman Hoodies Price: $44.99
Batman Logo Hoodie Price: $44.99
Ghost Rider Hoodie Reg Price: $44.99Sale Price: $26.99
Joker Ledger Hoodie Price: $44.99
Joker Serious Hoodie Reg Price: $44.99Sale Price: $10.99
Spiderman 3 Hoodies Reg Price: $44.99Sale Price: $24.99
Spiderman 3 Venom Hoodie Reg Price: $44.99Sale Price: $24.99
Spiderman Faces Hoodie Reg Price: $44.99Sale Price: $26.99
Superman Symbol Hoodie Price: $44.99
Wonder Woman Logo Hoodie Price: $44.99
Spiderman Comic Panels Junior Hoodie Reg Price: $42.99Sale Price: $24.99
Spiderman Split Face Youth Hoodie Reg Price: $34.99Sale Price: $14.99
Spiderman Webslinger Juvenile Hoodie Reg Price: $34.99Sale Price: $17.49
355 Items | Sort By
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's.. well, it's up to you to decide who it is. With our exclusive collection of super hero hoodies, you can change your comic-approved apparel as seamlessly as Clark Kent transforms into Superman. Our ultra popular Marvel super hero hoodies are constructed of the finest quality materials, built to last and strong as nails no matter what sort of wear and tear you put them through while you and your friends are out saving - or just living - lives.  Select from our seemingly infinite selection of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and other superhero sweatshirts, and wear your comic loyalty on your sleeve.
One of our tried and true hoodies, the Superman Logo Hoodie boasts a classic look, with the resilient S logo in bright yellow and red positioned dead center of this pullover style navy hoodie. Spider-Man wannabes are in luck: Our Spider-Man Hoodie doubles as a costume, with a webbed pattern and giant spider design that makes it a dead ringer for Spidey's real gear. Our Batman Costume Cape Hoodie is another hoodie that runs double duty as a costume. This gray hoodie includes a removable snap-on cape and convenient eye holes in the hood, perfect for intimidating evildoers (or just impressing your friends).

Some of our other superhero hoodies feature long loved characters like Aquaman, Ironman, Batgirl, Captain America, the Punisher, Wonder Woman and the Avengers, among others.

Looking for the ideal gift for a young comics fan? Opt for our montage hoodies, like the Marvel Comic Collage Youth Hoodie, filled with sketches from vintage comics and stars like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the Incredible Hulk. Fans young and old alike will appreciate the old school style of our letterman hoodies, featuring characters like Superman and Batman, related comic book color themes and varsity style lettering.