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Judge Dredd Tees

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28 Items | Sort By
Judge Joseph Dredd, as he's formally known, has been a comic book hit since his first appearance in a British publication back in the late 1970s. Known for delivering vigilante justice, Judge Dredd has since been featured in two major films and continues to thrill audiences, readers and fans in the United Kingdom and around the world. Show your loyalty to the Judge with a piece of usable memorabilia from our deluxe Dredd shirt collection, stocked to the brim with tees featuring Dredd's visage as well as scenes and logos from the popular comic series. Our Judge Dredd t shirts are printed on the highest quality materials available, so you know these tops are built to last. Plus, our designs feature modern as well as vintage Dredd scenes, so you can hearken back to the early days or celebrate recent films with your own Dredd t shirt style.
For making a loud and proud statement, consider the Judge Dredd I Am Law White T Shirt, which features a larger than life image of Dredd in a vibrant uniform and the slogan, "I am the law" running vertically alongside it. For a wildly colorful top, consider the Judge Dredd Death Lives T Shirt, a black tee with a bright green image of Judge Death and a glaring hot pink slogan, "Judge Death Lives!" For a subtler look, check out the Judge Dredd Boss T Shirt, with a distressed print image of Dredd sitting ready to judge and the tagline, "Dredd is boss!" printed in bright red. Judge Anderson fans can get their fill of the female judge with a tee featuring two images, one where she's tapping into her psychic abilities and another where she's wielding her gun. Those hunting for the ever popular many faces of Dredd t shirt don't have to look much further: our selection of Dredd comic tees has a design, style and character for just about any fan of this comic book hero.