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Martian Manhunter T Shirts

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Is it cold outside? Are you interested in preventing that cold from bothering you with its icy grip? There's only one way to ensure that you stay warm in the cold: purchase our Martian Manhunter apparel. We stock plenty of T-shirts, if you're looking for layered thermal protection.

When the superhero Martian Manhunter was teleported to Earth following a failed science experiment, the history of superheroes was invariably changed forever. That may actually be a slight exaggeration. People do like Martian Manhunter, though. The superhero comes from a line of Green Martians, and criminals on Earth haven't been safe since he arrived. Taking on the alias of John Jones (sometimes spelled J'onn J'onzz), the crime-fighter relies on a host of superpowers to combat evil-doers. How extensive is this superhero's list of abilities? For starters, he has superhuman strength, speed, senses, endurance and much more. Defeating him is quite the challenge, as you can see. It's almost as difficult as besting our low prices.