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Super Mario Bros. Kids & Youth T Shirts

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Mario Head Youth T Shirt Price: $15.99
Mario Youth T-Shirt Price: $14.99
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Mario and Luigi have been teaching kids valuable lessons for decades. The most important of which is to always save the princess. Also, know your enemy and always see what's inside that green pipe that leads downward. OK, maybe that last part isn't exactly a life lesson you want your kid to put to use in the real world, but in the sphere of Super Mario, it's key. Kids go crazy for anything Mario Brothers, and it's no wonder, since the Italian plumber has taken generations of players through years of suspenseful adventures. Now that grown-up gamers are having mini-Marios themselves, it's time to stock up some Mario kids' shirts. No princess-saving hero leaves behind his crew of dedicated followers, and Mario is no exception. Displayed on these T-shirts are Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Toad in the middle of an action-packed adventure. The classic team of iconic evil-fighters makes for the perfect role models for your little one. Outfit your gamer-in-training with the perfect Mario kids shirt with clever phrases like "Mario is my homeboy" and "Know your enemy" printed across the front. Kids will get a kick out of the graffiti style text that reads "I beat your mom at Mario Kart" (even if it's entirely unfounded) or T-shirt with a mushroom and a skull beneath the phrase "Game over." Watch as Mario and Luigi run for their lives from the quick Bob-omb on a clever Mario kid shirt. Ranging in sizes from youth small to youth XL, these fun kids' video game T-shirts are available for youngsters at any stage in life. Mario merchandise for the little one is perfect for those fleeting moments in life before they grow into mature adults, so get Mario and Luigi T-shirts for them before a Super Mushroom doubles their size.