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My Little Pony Clothing & Merchandise

My Little Pony
MLP Fluttershy Chara-Cover 5/5s Phone CaseReg. Price:$29.99Sale Price: $12.99
MLP Pinkie Pie Chara-Cover 5/5s Phone CaseReg. Price:$29.99Sale Price: $12.99
My Little Pony Rainbow Dash iPhone 5 Phone CaseReg. Price:$24.99Sale Price: $17.49
My Little Pony was originally geared toward girls back in the early 1980s. The ponies are back today and Stylin' Online has a large assortment of merchandise that brings the ponies into the 21st Century. Items available include T-shirts, hats, figurines and buttons. There are My Little Pony women's shirts available, and there is an assortment of merchandise for male My Little Pony fans, affectionately known as "Brony."
My Little Pony started out as a plastic toy line with the assorted ponies having colorful bodies, manes and "cutie marks." Like many toys, My Little Pony became a series of animated specials and a feature film, and the Ponies appeared on lunch boxes, in books, bedding and puzzles. Over the years, several generations of My Little Pony have been released, all updating the classic look of the original ponies to include ponies with different poses, smaller ponies and with different themes. Collectors have referred to the various incarnations of ponies as Generation One (G1), Generation Two (G2), Generation Three (G3) and Generation Four (G4). If you have a pony that was part of Friendship Garden, you own a G2 pony. On the other hand, if you have a Pinkie Pie pony, you own a G4 pony.

The buttons available at Stylin' Online feature pictures of ponies, some naming the pony and others with just a picture. The newest My Little Pony T-shirts have brought popular culture to the franchise, as evidenced by the "Keep Calm and Pony On" shirt. The aforementioned Brony-wear shows that My Little Pony is not just for girls any more. As the My Little Pony franchise continues to grow, be sure to check in at Stylin' Online for more My Little Pony accessories.