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Napoleon Dynamite Merchandise & Apparel

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7 Items | Sort By

It surprised millions when the nerdiest kid in school perpetuated a mega blockbuster hit, but that’s the magic of Napoleon Dynamite. It’s no wonder why though, if you think about it. Napoleon was an excellent artist and had some pretty impressive dance moves, too. He’d be the prom king at a real high school, and that’s why so many people fell so deeply in love with him. If you’re looking for a way to channel your inner Napoleon Dynamite (which, by the way, who isn’t?) our fantastic selection of Napoleon Dynamite T-shirts and other merchandise will have you busting a metaphorical move.

Between Napoleon, Pedro, Deb, Kip and Rico, this cast of quirkiness has left us with tons of hilarious and borderline moving moments from the movie. We’ve got Napoleon Dynamite stickers, hats and patches to help you wear your love for the red-haired hero from head to toe. Do you want a Napoleon Dynamite patch that says “I (Heart) Napoleon?” Heck yes, you do! If you’re a super fan of the new kid, Pedro, you’ll love our Napoloeon Dynamite stickers that feature “Pedro’s skills.” Among them, of course, are that he has a sweet bike, he’s really good at picking up chicks and he’s also the only kid in school that has a mustache. Plus, you should vote for Pedro. Just do it. We also carry Napoleon Dynamite beanies that feature the words “Flippin’ sweet” embroidered right into the hat. What better way to channel your inner Napoleon than to stick him front and center on your winter hat? All of this awesome Napoleon Dynamite stuff will have you itching to watch the film, and maybe, just maybe, craving some tots.