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Nine Inch Nails Sin T Shirt Sheer
Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate T-Shirt
Nine Inch Nails Star T-Shirt
Nine Inch Nails Year Zero T-Shirt
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Price: $19.88
Nine Inch Nails Censored T-Shirt
NIN Downward Spiral T-Shirt
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Price: $19.88
Our Nine Inch Nails shirts are for anyone that heard "Head Like a Hole" for the first time and immediately knew that the synth-pop of the eighties was taking a darker, more rockin' turn for the better. Perhaps only Depeche Mode carried the dim light though those troubled times, but Trent Reznor set a beacon with Pretty Hate Machine, and synthesizers would never be the same. NIN tees are popular items; not only because of Trent Reznor but because of the musical revolution he helped create. He reinvented the possibilities of what someone could do with sounds, and popular synth acts such Skrillex and Dead Mau5 should be wearing Nine Inch Nails shirts every day. Even in today's grim, pop-dominated musical landscape, Trent Reznor has found a way to stay relevant, touching all aspects of our entertainment world!

Unfortunately, we don't carry a Starfucker T-shirt in a baby's onesie. That would be a pretty bad-ass baby. Year Zero T-shirt would be pretty fitting for a toddler, though. We'll look into it.  We do carry a Starfucker T-shirt, a Year Zero T-shirt, and a Sin T-shirt for you, however. We also have a T-shirt celebrating The Downward Spiral, the most popular Trent Reznor album to date. If you automatically feel like breaking something listening to "March of the Pigs," The Downward Spiral T-shirt is for you.

Our NIN tees are for anyone that wants to celebrate Trent Reznor's expansive and long career. From poetic songwriting to reinvented sounds, Reznor changed the landscape synth-driven music with Nine Inch Nails. Shirts of their music commemorate the death of pop-eighties, the influence of new acts and inspiration of legends. If it's good enough for Johnny Cash, it's good enough for you.
Nine Inch Nails
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