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Josh Homme, the lead singer and head songwriter of QOTSA, once said that he named the band Queens of the Stone Age because Kings of the Stone Age was too "macho" and "lopsided." He was referring to having only dudes at the concerts, and the West Coast rock band doesn't really sound like the eighties, ultra-male rock act. After originally playing in a band called Kyuss for a number of years, then playing guitar with the Screaming Trees for a stint, Josh Homme created QOTSA.
For many, Queens of the Stone Age was a respite from the degenerative, derivate sound of artist trying to create "grunge-like" music after the Seattle influence of the early 90s. Our stoner rock T-shirts are a celebration of Josh Homme's and QOTSA originality and creative sound. When you wear a band's T-shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts, it should actual mean you like the band and what the band represents.

After Kyuss and forming Queens of the Stone Age, Josh Homme found international success with the band's third album Songs for the Deaf, thanks, in part, to the song "No One Knows." A Perfect Circle guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen and Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighting front man Dave Grohl both played on the album, and it was a critical and commercial success. Danzig's former drummer Joey Castillo then joined the band full-time, as Grohl turned his attention back onto Foo Fighters. These Queens of the Stone Age tees don't only celebrate the band; they celebrate the supergroup that helped form it. QOTSA has also collaborated with Ween's Dean Ween and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons. If some band shirts celebrate rock n' roll past, these stoner rock T-shirts celebrate John Homme and rock n' rolls future. Remember, kids, rock n' roll will never die.