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Ren Keychain
Price: $5.98
Price: $5.98
Anyone who lived through the 90s probably knows the words to Ren and Stimpy song. Back then, kids across the globe fell in love with the emotionally unstable chihuahua and his dim-witted cat friend from the series "The Ren and Stimpy Show." The pair so often shocked audiences with their off-color humor, sexual innuendos and allusions to violence. Because of that, the series gained a cult following that outlived its five seasons and will likely perpetuate for years into the future. True fans will remember many of the crazy scenarios these two got themselves into, like the time Stimpy turned off the gravity and Ren floated all over the place. Of course, this probably prompted Ren to angrily yell at Stimpy: "You eediot!" in true Ren fashion. Ah, memories of the 90s. Stylin Online has Ren and Stimpy T-shirts for fans who pine for the bygone days when this dynamic duo appeared on the screen. These T-shirts reminisce about some of the best moments in the show, offering phrases, graphic images and depictions of all the cast members. A Ren and Stimpy shirt featuring lyrics from Stimpy's favorite song, written by Stinky Wizzleteats, reads "Happy happy, joy joy" with an image depicting the pair dancing around in utter bliss. Another T-shirt shows Ren angrily pointing at Stimpy with the words "You eediot!" printed above pair. This Ren and Stimpy shirt is extra appealing because of the frightened yet amused look on Stimpy's face. It really is a shame that the series only had a five-season run, because this twosome made for some of the most confusing but entertaining moments in Nickelodeon history. If you know what it means to whiz on the electric fence, it's probably time you picked up some Ren and Stimpy clothing. If you don't yet know what that means, you are seriously missing out on some quality television.
Ren and Stimpy
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