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Reservoir Dogs Gas Can T Shirt
Reservoir Dogs Work T-Shirt
Price: $19.88
Price: $19.88
Oh, "Reservoir Dogs." The film that catapulted Quentin Tarantino to stardom. In quintessential Tarantino fashion, the movie introduces us to eight men preparing to engage in a diamond heist. Jumping between scenes pre-robbery and post-robbery and making room for side commentary in between (including a diverting discussion on tipping waitresses, wherein Steve Buscemi's character utters the famous line about the world's smallest violin) and successfully finishing by blowing the minds of viewers everywhere, this film has a cult following that's not likely to die down anytime soon, and for good reason. Stylin Online has a selection of "Reservoir Dogs" T-shirts for one of the many million fans of this classic crime movie. There's no better way to celebrate your unyielding fandom for Tarantino's best film than with a stylish, graphic T-shirt. "Reservoir Dogs" boats an unmatched cast, and these T-shirts celebrate each and every member, from Buscemi to Harvey Keitel to Michael Madsen. True fans know Tarantino himself acted in the film as Mr. Brown, and he's not left out on these T-shirts honoring the film. A black T-shirt ranging in sizes from small to XXL features the crew all suited up in an image from the famous opening scene. Lettering that reads "Let's go to work" appears beneath it. The line, spoken by gangster and heist organizer Joe Cabot, is one of the defining moments of the movie, making it the perfect addition to an already awesome T-shirt. A "Reservoir Dogs" shirt with a gas can design featuring lettering and the words "Reservoir Dogs" and "Let's get the job done" make a perfect selection for the "Reservoir Dogs" fan who knows this movie inside and out. In a variety of colors and designs, there is the perfect "Reservoir Dogs" item here for you. Other "Reservoir Dogs" memorabilia, including a "Reservoir Dogs" patch can be found right here at Stylin Online.
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