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Rocky's whole life was a million-to-one shot, the "Italian Stallion": a small-time guy with big-time guts who yearns to be a hero.. just once! A Philadelphia fighter who never made the big time. He showed he could take on a challenge, and won something bigger than a championship bout. He's a has-been battler with one dream left, and one last chance. I could go on forever but it would keep you from looking at all our great Rocky T-Shirts, Rocky Boxers and Rocky Costumes. Looking for some great Rocky clothing, well we have it. We have tons of great Rocky Shirts like our Italian Stallion shirts or our Rocky Balboa tees. Plus we have Rocky Costumes to wear, like our Rocky Robe perfect for any time of the year with one of our Rocky Boxers, great for any fan of the Rocky of the movies at any age!

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