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Let's face it, the Brown Coats should have won, Joss Whedon is a god and Firefly was the shiniest show on Fox until they messed it up! I know for a fact that every space cowboy fixin' to do bad, robbing trains and running from Reavers have one thing in common the Blue Sun Corporation doesn't want you to find out, they all own a few of our very stylish Serenity T-Shirts (really, what did you think I was going to say). Honestly, are you going to let the Alliance and Fox win for canceling your favorite show? It's time to pick up some Serenity T Shirts and show the man you can't stop the signal. Our favorite pick is of course the t-shirt Jayne wears called Serenity Troublemaker T Shirt.

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Hold on one second, it's sort of hard to type while eating these new Fruity Oaty bars I picked up by Blue Sun. I know what you're thinking; it sure would be nice if we had some grenades to wash this down? Actually, if you thought that you're nuts! Stylin Online and their officially licensed Serenity T-Shirts are perfect for the space pirate in all of us. Aim to misbehave? We can help, want to be a bad guy, again we can help, looking for officially licensed Shiny Serenity shirts; we can help! Always at a great price, shop now because we are ready to ship faster than the signal. With any luck, maybe we can get all us Brown Coats back together.