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Sex Pistols T-shirts and Merchandise

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Sex Pistols Sid Baby Tee Reg Price: $19.88Sale Price: $9.94
Sex Pistols Sid T-Shirt Reg Price: $19.88Sale Price: $9.94
Sex Pistols Never Mind Bollocks T-Shirt Reg Price: $19.88Sale Price: $9.94
Sex Pistols Save Queen T-Shirt Reg Price: $19.88Sale Price: $9.94
5 Items | Sort By

Did you know members of the Sex Pistols were the first people to ever swear on TV? If you’ve found yourself here, you probably already fancy yourself a Pistols fan, but it’s worth mentioning that these pioneers of punk pretty much changed the way human beings think about the world. Our Sex Pistols T-shirts and merchandise pays tribute to that, with punked out British flags and vintage-inspired designs that will take you straight back to the days of Sid and Nancy. If you’re the type of fan that knows Sid Vicious’ real name is John Simon Richie, you’ve landed yourself precisely in the right place.

Our Sex Pistols merchandise includes classic men’s T-shirts that show off the group’s most famous catch phrase: “God Save the Queen,” plus plenty of other punk-worthy symbols and icons. We even carry a Sex Pistols baby T-shirt for women that honors (or honours, as they say across the pond) Sid, Johnny Rotton and the whole crew. This sex pistols baby T-shirt comes in sizes ranging from small to XL and is printed on soft, pre-shrunk cotton, so you get another decade-long extension on your punk fantasies, proving that punk is, in fact, not dead. Meanwhile, our men’s Six Pistols shirts feature red, white and blue British flag designs and of course, slightly offensive depictions of the queen. We even offer a Sex Pistols belt buckle to help you channel your inner punk wherever you go.

Here at Stylin Online, we strive to offer you the best pop culture merchandise around, including apparel to honor “Avatar,” Sex Pistols, Nintendo, DC Comics, Marvel and so much more. Plus, we make it our business to provide fast shipping and excellent customer service, so you’re taken care of from discovery to delivery.