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Price: $19.88
Price: $19.88
Price: $19.88
After Mad Magazine had worked its way into the minds and hearts of Americans in the 1950s and 1960s it developed the Spy vs. Spy comic book characters that popularly have been clashing for decades. The spies, looking identical with the exception of one donning black spy gear and one wearing white, continue to battle back and forth even today. Their antics include booby-traps which inevitably help one of the spies to walk away as the winner, with the winner changing from comic strip to strip. These iconic characters can now be seen on our officially licensed Mad Magazine apparel, specifically a Spy vs. Spy shirt. The Spy vs. Spy Drips T-shirt shows the characters deviously concocting their new battle plans in hopes of taking out the other. It's a scene that likely plays out every day at the office, when co-workers secretly think of ways to innocently, and sometimes not so innocently, play pranks on colleagues. We also have a shirt showing off a typical scene from the comic Spy vs. Spy. Shadows might be lurking, but that doesn't stop the two from going after each other in this Spy vs. Spy Cannon T-shirt. In it, the spy dressed in black is eager to hunt the spy dressed in white by blowing him up with a powerful cannon. Our weathered navy Spy vs. Spy Heads shirt shows the two getting ready to rumble while gritting their teeth in a face off. The best Spy vs. Spy merchandise is all available and ready to be worn at Stylin Online. Sport these shirts at the gym, movies or for a casual evening out.
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