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Superman Hoodie

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Superman Costume Suit Hoodie Reg Price: $59.99Sale Price: $39.99
Superman Junior Hoodie Price: $39.99
Superman Hoodies Price: $47.99
Superman Logo Hoodie Price: $47.99
Superman Symbol Hoodie Price: $44.99
37 Items | Sort By
Superman is strong, fast, smart, gentle and a good listener. For all of his positive traits, Superman could never accomplish one thing: look cool without a cape. Yes, throngs of young men wanted to be him. Mentioning his name sent women swooning. Still, his cape always held him back. You won't have to toil with the same troubles because all of our Superman hoodies for sale are 100 percent cape-free. Most people assume that kryptonite was Superman's only vulnerability. That's simply not true, as being cool without a cape was his other weakness. Each time you wear one our Superman sweaters or hoodies, you'll do what superman couldn't: look cool. As soon as you step outside of that phone booth, you'll look as dapper as a jitterbug in a suit. If you can't find a phone booth, simply use your cell phone inside of a closet, which is considered the modern day equivalent. Will you be able to fly in one of our Superman Sweaters? Of course you won't be able to. But the real question you should ask yourself is, "Will I look cool?" And the answer to that is a resounding "yes". Shop now and browse our Superman hoodies for sale today.