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Tool Spiral Baby Tee
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Tool Spiral T-Shirt Sheer
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Price: $19.88
Tool Capsule Keychain
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Tool Name Patch
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Tool fans are some of the most loyal, passionate and diverse in the rock `n' roll landscape. Our Tool band shirts are banners for fans to show their allegiance to the cerebral heavy metal band. Whether it's your undying love of the abrasive yet melodic, epic yet complex sound of Tool's music or the sheer diversity of Tool's musical elasticity, our Tool T-shirts are great for the die-hard fan. Our other Tool merchandise includes Tool keychains, hats, patches and armbands. When you're sitting in traffic on your way to pick up tickets for your girlfriend's crap band, blast "Schism" and know your Tool keychains are still running your actual and metaphoric engine.

Band T-shirts come and go, but Tool band shirts are reflective of the music, the attitude and the band's devotion to musical performance and innovation. Maynard James Keenan is one of the most interesting (or strange), but altogether talented, rock stars on the planet. Maynard's reclusiveness is well-documented, but his presence on the stage is astounding. When you're wearing your Tool shirts, you're supporting the band but also the passion behind it. Maynard James Keenan seemingly manic devotion to creating music is also seen as he fronts his other popular supergroup projects, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. A Tool concert T-shirt makes you a bannered devotee, if you ever get to check these bands out as well.

We even offer Tool T-shirts featuring the band's geometric interests. Is it sacred geometry? That's not for us to decide. But some of our Tool band shirts do feature pretty stylish designs. We're not saying our Tool merchandise will center the metaphysical "you" in the multi-dimensional complexity of space and time, but we're not saying it doesn't either. Regardless, you're Tool keychains will still help you forget about the crappy band your girlfriend's taking you to see tonight. That's centered enough.
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