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Transformers Hats

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Decepticon Name Hat Price: $25.99
Transformers 59Fifty Hat Price: $35.99
Transformers Autobot Hat Price: $35.99
Transformers Autobot Logo Burst 59FIFTY Hat Reg Price: $33.99Sale Price: $8.49
Transformers Decepticon Logo Burst 59FIFTY Hat Reg Price: $33.99Sale Price: $8.49
Autobot Hat Price: $20.00
Decepticon Hat Price: $20.00
101 Items | Sort By

Transformers combine to form a hulking mechanical mass that's optimally configured to defeat the Decepticons. These robots in disguise are led by a headstrong leader named Optimus Prime-but you already knew that. What you didn't know is that we have a wide assortment of Transformers hats that, if nothing else, will make you look cool as heck.

Don one of these official Transformers hats and you're liable to get detained by police officers. Why is that? Because looking this cool is illegal in all 50 states and the U.S. territory of Guam (not really). Our overflowing selection of Autobot hats allows you to choose your favorite insignia. With us, you won't have to choose between obscure characters from the series. Our collection includes Decepticon hats, too, if you're feeling villainous.

Since their creation, Transformers have been portrayed in a range of mediums. They've had their own TV shows, starred in feature-length films and even had a long-running comic book series. You couldn't count the number of Transformers spinoffs created on one hand, unless that hand had a ton of fingers. Shop now and order your Autobot and Decepticon hats today!