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Willy Wonka

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Willy Wonka Run Baby Tee Reg Price: $19.88Sale Price: $7.99
Willy Wonka Golden Ticket Long Sleeve T-Shirt Reg Price: $22.00Sale Price: $12.99
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Baby Tee Reg Price: $19.88Sale Price: $11.99
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Prepare yourself for an adventure through the whacky mind of Willy Wonka. Just don't get chocolate on your new clothes.

Mountains of candy and rivers overflowing with chocolate can all be found within Willy Wonka's chocolate factory in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." That Willy Wonka is an evil candy genius isn't he? The irresistible story gave birth to a legion of hopeful children that spent their days dreaming about finding a golden ticket that would grant them access to this cavity-causing factory. It's tough to tame even the dullest imagination when watching "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." The movie touched on something immensely gratifying in everyone, and now, you can conjure up memories of that same satisfaction with this collection of Willy Wonka apparel.

When you put on your Willy Wonka shirt, the first thing you're going to think of is candy, with rainbows coming in at a close second. And that's going to instantly brighten up your day. The clothing inside this collection doubles as a mood-enhancer. If you're having a lousy day, all you have to do is go to your closet to fix it. Pick out your Willy Wonka dress item of choice and watch your day go from crappy to happy.