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Rainbow Brite

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Children of the 1980s and those who enjoyed the short-lived reboot of the Rainbow Brite franchise can forever claim their favorite lover of a colorful world with Rainbow Brite shirts and products. These accessories capture her always happy deposition, big blonde ponytail and cute, colorful dress. Frequently not seen without her BFF, Twink, Rainbow Brite is a fun, beloved character. After all, who doesn’t love rainbows, and what good would a rainbow be without all the colors? Rainbow Brite has always wanted the world to be full of color and goodness.

For the young girls or women in your life, take a look at our junior fit baby tees, Rainbow Brite T-shirts for children, stickers and color shoelaces. Stylin Online also sells the Rainbow Brite Twink Furry Snood Beanie for a warm, cozy feel on winter days and a retro, cool look whenever your child goes out in the snow. A child of the ’80s just cannot resist passing on the passion for Rainbow Brite to her children, and the youth today will love the retro appeal of this cartoon character. Any of these shirts would also be a kick to wear for a Rainbow Brite costume. Even when she was brought back by her merchandise license holders, Rainbow Brite continued to look like a chick from the 1980s with her rows of colors on her knee-high socks and arm bands.

Send a Rainbow Brite Group Postcard to your best friend from your youth or buy it just to have an ironic decoration lying around. Or purchase a truly distinctive junior fit T-shirt with the Rainbow Brite Puffy Guys Baby Tee, full of adorable and playful Sprites, including Romeo, Spark, Lucky, Champ, Hammy and IQ. See how many of your friends can name them all. Wish upon a star and color the world with your Rainbow Brite merchandise.