Iron Man 3 Mark XLII Soaring T Shirt

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Iron Man 3 Mark XLII Soaring T Shirt
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Iron Man 3 Mark XLII Soaring T Shirt

Fans of Iron Man, particularly the recent series of movies starring Robert Downey Jr., know that Tony Stark has changed the look and capabilities of Iron Man's armor several times. The Iron Man 3 Mark XLII Soaring T-shirt by Stylin' Online features an extraordinary image of the Mark XLII suit of armor from the 2013 movie. This T-shirt is white with a large panel image on the front showing Iron Man taking off in the Mark XLII suit. The words "Iron Man" are trailing down the left side in black outline letters.

In the movie, Tony Stark was able to remotely summon the Mark XLII armor by remotely controlling each piece of the armor. The armor could transmit his voice and Stark could summon the armor onto other characters in the story for their protection. In Iron Man 3, the color scheme on the Mark XLII is different from the other Iron Man armors in that it is predominantly gold with red accents. Stark was able to use this armor to stop one of his enemies on Air Force One, doing so remotely, and the Mark XLII armor saved several passengers and crew members on the airplane from falling out of the sky. This armor was ultimately destroyed by Stark in a heroic effort against Aldrich Killian. Despite being destroyed in the movie, the Mark XLII armor will live forever on this stylish T-shirt.

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Color: White
Brands: Iron Man
Apparel-Type: Adult
Product-Type: Shirts
Shirt-Type: standard
Prod-Type-Spec: T-Shirt
Category-Tag: Comics
Features: 100% Cotton
date-added: 20130515