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If you lost it that time Kevin Flynn got trapped inside an electronic arena, you’ll go crazy for our selection of Tron merchandise that honors his journey, from Flynn’s Arcade to the electronic world ruled by MCP. From Tron light clothing to a Tron cycling jersey, this selection honors all of the original film’s best moments, catchphrases and characters in all their early 80s glory. Between Jeff Bridges and Steven Lisberger, it’s no wonder Tron turned from a box office hit into a franchise filled with TV shows, video games, comic adaptations and more. Our selection aims to cover all of that, with Flynn taking the lead in screen-printed perfection.

We carry a Tron shirt that’s sure to inspire another several decades of steadfast fandom, like a T-shirt that shows the iconic Tron Light Cycle shown in Tron: Legacy cruising by at top speeds. We’ve also got Tron: Legacy T-shirts that show the 2009 movie poster in complete color, honoring one of the finest movie adaptations ever made. We even have “Flynn’s Arcade” T-shirts that resemble the sign from the film, paying tribute to the movie’s courageous hero. If that’s not enough, we’ve got a selection of Tron baseball hats that feature 3D embroidery depicting the Tron logo and other icons from the franchise, including the light cycle. This selection of Tron apparel is designed to outfit you in Tron gear from head to toe.

Our Tron T-shirts come in tons of styles and sizes, including small to XXXL, and are available in two types of fits: standard and athletic. These soft, pre-shrunk cotton T-shirts feature officially licensed images that perfectly showcase the franchise.