Have you always thought you were switched at birth and were really born in the town of Eureka, Ore.? Do you think you may have been married to Jack Carter or Dr. Allison Blake in a past life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a diehard Eureka fan, and our selection of Eureka T-shirts is designed especially for you.

Here at Stylin Online, which is similar to Global Dynamics in that we strictly employ scientific geniuses, we’ve stocked our virtual shelves with Eureka merchandise that honors every element of the beloved sci-fi drama, including the adorable robot created by Kevin Blake for a science project. Our E.M.O. shirts feature the black and white robot in all his glory above a classic and recognizable Eureka logo. We also carry Eureka shirts that declare you “Made in Eureka,” so you can convince everyone that you belong to the town’s fleet of MENSA-level geniuses, which is (obviously) not too far off. We’ve got Eureka T-shirts for women and men alike, including a “Eureka Trading Co.” T-shirt that’s just slightly faded to vintage-level perfection.

Our selection of Eureka shirts includes sizes and fits for every fan on your list. From babydoll T-shirts to men’s shirts, this fan-worthy selection is designed to suit your particular flavor. Our soft, 6-ounce, pre-shrunk cotton T-shirts come in sizes ranging from small to XXXL and are printed on black, gray and yellow cotton for the ultimate in stylish devotion. Wearing this shirt while watching a marathon of episodes is scientifically proven to be the best way to forget about the show’s cancellation. Not that we’ve done the studies ourselves, but it just seems like common sense.