If you consider the cancellation of Farscape one of the greatest tragedies of modern TV history, then you’re not alone. There are millions of us out there, anxiously awaiting the promised web series that was supposed to debut in 2007. Still, our selection of honorary Farscape T-shirts display some of the best moments from the Australian sci-fi series. Gone, but not forgotten. That’s our motto here at Stylin Online. (Not really, but it certainly applies here.)

Whatever your Farscape flavor, we’ve got a T-shirt to honor it. These Farscape shirts feature fan-worthy depictions of a gun-toting Aeryn, a blue and bald Zotoh (if you’re into that), and even an authoritative-looking John Crichton. Each of these character T-shirts displays one of the show’s well-known catch phrases, like the character’s name or “I like my women blue and bald.” We even carry shirts with the iconic Farscape logo screen-printed in eye-catching gold and black, so true fans will be able to spot you from across a crowded room. We’ve also got a black T-shirt that displays the entire cast member in action, so you can pay tribute without picking sides.

We’ve got Farscape shirts in sizes ranging from small to XXL, and each one is printed on soft yet durable, 100 percent cotton T-shirt blanks, so you can rock them time after time, until the anticipated web series finally debuts. These officially licensed images are printed over black or blue, so you can pick the perfect one for you or that Farscape diehard on your list. There’s a reason why we’re still selling Farscape merchandise by the bucketful a decade after the show was pulled from the air, so get a clue Hallmark Entertainment and Jim Henson.