Go right after the philosopher’s stone with the Elric brothers by suiting up with some Fullmetal Alchemist gear. Stylin Online has an array of T-shirts, wristbands, patches, dog tags and pins that show the characters Edward and Alphonse along with those they meet up with during their expansive adventure and restorative quest to find the way to return their bodies to their wholesome selves.

The story of Edward and Alphonse Elric, the subjects of the manga anime series Fullmetal Alchemist and related TV shows, films, video games and novels, has resonated with countless fans ever since Hiromu Arakawa created the series. These tightly united, sensitive brothers try to bring their mother back to life using their passion for the advanced science of alchemy but fail and end up with one of them in a suit of armor keeping his soul intact and the other missing an arm and a leg. Alphonse’s robot-looking self can be purchased as a key chain, and it also appears on a black wristband. Another wristband shows the Fullmetal Alchemist logo over a yellow, fuzzy background.

The brothers’ journey has them searching for the philosopher’s stone, making their way past the bad guys - the Homunculi - and finding friends along the way, like alchemist Roy Mustang and Winry Rockbell, the mechanic fixer upper who is featured on a cute patch. Another ally, Alex Louis Armstrong, also makes an appearance here, flexing his amazing plump biceps on a Fullmetal Alchemist patch. For an exciting, full-color view of the Elric brothers, consider the Fullmetal Alchemist Club Shirt, a button-down shirt with the two boys prominently displayed, along with their prosthetic parts. We also sell the Fullmetal Alchemist Name Dog Tag and the Fullmetal Alchemist Pin Set, for a unique way to display your love of the Elric brothers’ story line.