Open your arms and welcome one of the greatest video game characters of all time into your life. This blue-colored hedgehog in sneakers is a cultural icon. He's on cereal box covers, billboards and he'll be in your closet soon enough. Inside this lush and overflowing collection of Sonic apparel, you'll find everything you need to go out into the world fully clothed. Unfortunately, we don't sell any Sonic pants, but we do have a number of options that can act as capable stand-ins. Please note that we're not liable for any indecent exposure allegations made against you as a result of your fashion decisions. We just carry a large assortment of Sonic clothes - we don't intend to tell you how to wear them.

Suppose that you do correctly decide to purchase a number of Sonic-themed items from us. What will you get in return for your investment? A lot, that's what. We're going to give you everything you need to dress your best, using Sonic as a fashion crutch.