How do I go about making an exchange or a possible return?

Use these two links below. Please read and follow the instructions in order to get the process started. Please keep in mind that we will not return or exchange merchandise that has been worn, washed or dried for any reason.

Exchange Instructions
Return Instructions
How can I get answers to questions that I have or that are not on this FAQs page?

If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way at I'll answer them as soon as I can.

I accidentally selected the International shipping method for my order which is
suppose to ship within the United States. How do I go about fixing this?

If you selected the wrong shipping method ie. International (Outside U.S) for a domestic order or Priority (Inside U.S.) for an international order, I will make the proper adjustment. By default, an order shipping within the United States will calculate at the Priority Mail rate and an order shipping outside the Unites States will by default will be charged properly and ship via Priority International Mail where available. We do not offer Express Mail option for International orders at this time.

Why can't I add an item to the shopping cart?

If I am currently out of stock, permanently or temporarily, on an item, I'll make that item or size unavailable so it can not be ordered until it is back in stock.

What does the word "Sheer" describe as it relates to specific shirts?

The word "sheer" is how we describe shirts that are specifically manufactured to be a men's shirt that is slightly form fitted. They do tend to run a little smaller than a standard t-shirt but that is how they are intentionally manufactured. They are sometime referred to as "Slim-fit" that are usually made to be much softer shirts.

What sizes are your shirts?

Most manufacturers do not use the same size specification when producing their respective t-shirts.

Will I have to sign for my package?

Some orders may require a signature on delivery.

What does Processing Time mean?

Processing Time is the time it takes us to prepare your order for shipment. Our normal Processing Time is 1-2 Business Days. However, some items require additional Processing Time, which will be indicated just above the Add to Cart button. Processing Time is not included in any Shipping Time estimates.

Disclaimer - Information Regarding 'Vintage' Items

Though the image may depict the original print as received with sewn-in tags, we cannot guarantee re-stock orders of the same design will have the tag sewn-in or a different type. The image is made available to show the color, type, and design or print. If you have questions about the tag type or anything else pertaining to our products please contact customer service at prior to placing your order