Crime drama Breaking Bad is one of the most popular television shows on today. Although the series is ending in 2013, fans can still show their love with a number of Breaking Bad T-shirts available at StylinOnline. The basic black Breaking Bad Periodic Logo T-shirt replicates the title card for the TV series. The spinoff of the periodic table of elements is easily recognizable, making this a perfect option to don even after the series comes to a close. For a just-right Heisenberg T-shirt option, StylinOnline has several possibilities, including the Heisenberg Labs T-shirt. While everyone knows Heisenberg’s lab is for the curating of illegal methamphetamines, this T-shirt gives it a very official feel. With a classic look of an actual business laboratory, it comes complete with the tagline, "We respect the chemistry." Other Heisenberg options include the Breaking Bad Heisenberg Flask T-shirt and the Breaking Bad Walter Head T-shirt, which only shows the image of a black and white version of Heisenberg himself.

A more lighthearted option in the Breaking Bad collection is the blue Breaking Bad Call Saul Point T-shirt. The shirt shows criminal lawyer Saul Goodman as he appears in one of his many low budget TV commercials, trying to gain new clientele who have been arrested for a DUI, dealing drugs or are coping with a messy divorce. Of course, "Just Call Saul," along with his contact information is also printed on the tee. Another option featuring Saul is the Breaking Bad Call Saul Scales T-shirt. Featuring classic law scales and his classic tagline, anyone wearing this will be an instant walking advertisement for Saul Goodman. Just because Breaking Bad is ending this year doesn’t mean it needs to be forgotten. Purchase one of these great Breaking Bad T-shirts and let the memories live on.