Man, Steven Spielberg sure was a genius. The way that Jurassic Park changed the landscape of American films is difficult to explain, but suffice it to say that the scene with the rippling glass of water on the dashboard singlehandedly won the film about a thousand Oscars. Behind-the-scenes buffs know that the ripple effect in that scene was actually caused by one of the special effects guy’s guitars, which was set at just the right frequency to cause the most iconic water ripple ever. But on screen, it captures the movie magic that Spielberg is so famous for. Because of that, we've got a huge selection of fan-worthy Jurassic Park t-shirts, clothing, and other apparel to help you celebrate the best dinosaur movie (and, arguably, the best movie period) in Hollywood history.

Our Jurassic Park t-shirts and merchandise feature some of the most famous elements of the film, including, of course, the movie's world-famous logo. This Jurassic Park logo T-shirt displays the dinosaur skeleton that appears so often in the film’s primary setting, Jurassic Park. The shirt features a slightly weathered, distressed print that makes it look like you purchased it during the film’s peak - the early 90s. We’ve also got Jurassic Park apparel that celebrates some of the finest quotes from the movie. We carry a “Keep calm and don’t move a muscle” T-shirt that honors the famous line uttered by the brave Dr. Grant. All of our Jurassic Park t-shirts and Jurassic World merchandise feature officially licensed images and are printed on 100 percent cotton shirts, ranging in size from small to XXL. You can wear them for hours of endless Jurassic Park movie marathons.