Bananya Character Panels Charm Lanyard

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Bananya Character Panels Charm Lanyard
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Bananya Character Panels Charm Lanyard

Bathe in chocolate wearing this colorful and whimsical Bananya lanyard! The Bananya Character Panels Charm Lanyard is pink with a PVC charm and a clear plastic badge holder. The charm is shaped like the title character of the Bananya anime and manga series, a white cat living in a banana. The lanyard has various color patterns with stripes, stars, hearts and dots in pink, yellow, orange, green and blue hues framing images of Tabby Bananya, Black Bananya, Bananyako, Long-haired Bananya, Mackerel Bananya, Daddy Bananya, Baby Bananya, Tabby Bananya, Calico Bananya, a Bananya Bunch, and others. "Nya!"

Product Details

Color: Pink
Brands: Bananya
Product-Type: Accessories
Prod-Type-Spec: Lanyard
Category-Tag: Cartoons
Features: Length: 21.5 Inches
bullet-point-2: PVC Charm Dimensions: 2.25 x 1.25 Inches
bullet-point-3: Includes Clear Plastic Badge Holder
creation-date: 20180817
date-added: 20170929