Iron Man Artistic T-Shirt

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Iron Man Artistic T-Shirt
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Iron Man Artistic T-Shirt

This modern incarnation of Iron Man flying is the perfect way to pay tribute to one of the best comic superheroes of all time. Iron Man is endlessly cool with his extreme intelligence, unrivaled super powers and billionaire C.E.O. status, so there's no better way to pay tribute to that than with this classic Iron Man T-shirt. The superhero's powered exoskeleton grants him enhanced strength and durability, flight and various weapons, among other things. This T-shirt strives to do the same for you by helping you channel your inner superhero. Sure, it probably won't allow you to fly, but it will make you look really cool while you try.

In this artist's rendition of the red and gold superhero, Iron Man wears his cinematic armor from the 2008 film. The hero displays his triangle arc reactor proudly while white design work shadows his frame. An ominous, white outline of the words "Iron Man" appears beneath him, while a Marvel logo looms over his head. Everything about this T-shirt immortalizes the beloved superhero, right down to the look on his face. A solid, black background helps the gray and white details come to life, while Iron Man pops right off your chest in full color.

Product Details

Color: Black
Brands: Iron Man
Apparel-Type: Adult
Product-Type: Shirts
Shirt-Type: standard
Prod-Type-Spec: T-Shirt
Category-Tag: Comics
Features: 100% Cotton
bullet-point-2: Partial Glitter Print
date-added: 20110601