Mr. Potato Head is still going strong after six decades, and what better way to celebrate his finer-with-age style than by sporting a Mr. Potato Head shirt? The toy that started out as pushpins for real potatoes (or cucumbers, or whatever else kids of the 1950s could sneak out of mom's kitchen) and evolved into a full set of plastic pieces is one of the most recognizable?and most loved?toys in America, so it only makes sense for all of us to show this little spud some love.

At Stylin' Online, we're proud to offer Mr. Potato Head shirts and beanies to all his hardcore fans. Our inventory is loaded (get it?) with Mr. Potato Head T-shirts that you'll really dig. These athletic-fit tops make excellent conversation-starters and are ideal for year-round wear. They're made of comfortable, breathable cotton that's super soft to the touch. Each of these brown Mr. Potato Head T-shirts displays his adorably exaggerated features, including those big eyes, wide nose and pearly whites. Who doesn't love this mustachioed spud-muffin?

You can add the perfect finishing touch to almost any outfit with a Mr. Potato Head Lapland Beanie. You'll stay warm and cozy, and you'll make a huge fashion statement at the same time. Featuring soft pink ears, his own beanie cap and all the facial features that come in the box, the Mr. Potato Head hats in our inventory have a 100 percent acrylic outer shell and a 100 percent polyester lining for extra comfort and warmth. Two braided strings hang below extended ear flaps so you can lock out wind and snow while trapping body heat inside.

Whether you grew up playing with this lovable tuber or became a fan after seeing Toy Story, you'll enjoy wearing our Mr. Potato Head T-shirts and beanies everywhere you go. Our inventory is brimming with these trendy tees and caps in a wide range of sizes, so finding the right one for yourself (or someone else, if you're the giving sort) is as easy as sweet potato pie.