Michael Myers and the Halloween movie franchise are credited as the inspirations behind numerous slasher films, but it’s hard to top the original. The haunting eyes of Myers have frightened movie goers for generations, so it only seems befitting to sport a scary Halloween T-shirt during the Halloween season. One shirt certain to send chills up the spine of anyone looking at it is the Michael Doorway T-shirt. The black T-shirt has a black and white image of the psychotic Myers standing in an open doorway, light beaming in around him, as he holds a knife eagerly stalking his prey. Another creepy option is the Halloween Knife T-shirt which displays a large Michael Myers shadowy face as well as the knife he is likely to use on his next victim. For fans of full-on color versus a black and white color theme, the Halloween Color shirt shows the ultra-creepy masked Myers in front of orange flames, which most people would prefer running through versus facing down this monster. Each of the Halloween T-shirts is extraordinarily creepy, making them great options for a Halloween party, as well as the entire fall season. StylinOnline also has other Halloween merchandise however, including hats and key chains. The black logo hat has pops of orange contrasting stitches as well as the famous Michael Myers face with a knife. "Evil Never Dies," is stitched on the back, which is obviously evidenced by the plethora of Halloween movies in the franchise. Die hard Halloween fans may also want to grab the Face Flexible Key Chain as well. Halloween merchandise is perfect to sport during the fall season. Just make sure these shirts aren’t worn around impressionable children as they’ll likely get nightmares!