Lost Boys

Lost Boys

Teenage vampire films were so cool years before the Twilight trilogy. Go against today’s mainstream and show off your coolness with a vintage-style shirt inspired by the 1980s film The Lost Boys. These standard fit and junior fit cotton Lost Boys shirts are perfect for wearing out on Halloween, during a Friday the 13th outing or during your very own 1980s movie marathon.

Decide whose side you are on - whether you are a vampire hunter or one of the hunted. Our Lost Boys Death Vampires T-Shirt, in olive green, shows Corey Feldman, as Edgar Frog, in his 1987 coolness with a sharp contrasting red bandana ready for a killing. “Death to All Vampires” reads the words around his head, making him look tough and ready for a fight.

Feldman’s nemesis is featured on the other Lost Boys short-sleeved shirts offered by Stylin Online. The Lost Boys Keifer Heart Baby Tee is a dreamy shirt for anyone who swoons for bad boys and wants those boys to know it. As David in this film, Keifer Sutherland was a heartthrob with a blond mullet and yellow eyes when he was in vampire form. On this black stretchy cotton baby doll shirt, he appears menacing and emits coolness. Just because he’s bad doesn’t mean you can’t be intrigued! Another shirt sold by Stylin Online, this one in standard fit, shows Sutherland with the same piercing look but with an enticing tagline: “Be One of Us.”

While the vampire life may not be best for anyone, the Lost Boys sure made it sound enticing, with the poster’s original tagline, “Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It’s fun to be a vampire.” It’s easy to understand why the story of the Lost Boys - and their related tee shirts - will always be in style.